Less is more

Less is more

2016 Cannes Festival, there were punch of shining stars on the red carpet. A normal woman (like me)  paid attention on their outfit.  And I am in love with Dior this time. Why? cause all the ladies' outfits are fresh clean and elegant. Dior completely keep the right sence on minimalsim on this big show. I love it. Yes, love it but can not have it, too expensive for me. I gave the rose to my eyes, and choosed one of Jean Giovanni dress.:-)

Talking about minimalist fashion, we have to mention the 90's fashion.  At that era, fashion trend not only focus on Paris  Milan and London,  but also New York, Tokyo and Madrid got much attention. Paris was the cradle of creation, where the young designers from around the world went to make dream came true.

The young designer from Austria  Helmut Lang came to Paris in 1986. He dressed up a generation of 90's. He invented a casual-formal, elegant-subversive uniform—things to wear every day that emitted confidence, centeredness, and sexiness.

And the Japanese avant-garde designers, Yohji Yamamoto and Comme des Garcons, led this trend, with black, the colorless " New Colour". 

All these kind of designers released the fashion from complecative rigid traditional form to simply natural lively form. They described the minimalist fashion in these words,  Less is more. They are transformers. :-)

2016-05-18 10:59