Be right.

Be right.

When all else is fails, why don't you just get it right...very right and put on some vintage Jeam Giovanni?

The stores are filled right now with NEW for the season. Frankly, I don't really know what is the wrong if I wear a piece from last year? What is the point that off-season clothes can be 75% off on the price? Please, hole the quality and don't paly with the price, because let's be real...some of the stuff was just hideous!

You can scoop up a ton of bargains that may not be bargains when you bring the pieces home and realize "yup, everyone was right...this is butt ugly" . OR invest in a piece of Jean Giovanni silk dress.

 This is the summer dress you should invest in. Don't get too seduced by mark-downs. I have a closet full of them and trust me, they add-up! Be less, more smart!

2016-05-16 11:24