Why J.G silk blouse?

a) season-less;

b) day-to-evening chic;

c) ideal for travel;

d) appropriate for any and all work settings;

d) sexy in a demure Secretary-chic way;

f) look good with jeans...etc....

Often when we edit a fashionista's wardrobe from the late 70s to early 80s, it is not unusual to come across 100  silk blouses because chic women wore these like a uniform under skirt suits or with high-waisted pants 30 years ago...but now, wear the blouses with skinny jeans or with a tux pant and your look has panache when everyone else looks like they should be scrubbing the toilets!

Silk blouse / Siden blus

Silk long blouse dress / Siden blusklänning


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